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    Constant Forward Motion

    The journey through life is about Constant Forward Motion. Your motion is different from mine. But, as long as we move forward, we grow, we learn, we love, and we become.

    Ridgefield, Darien and Brookfield Running Companies represents Constant Forward Motion. Our symbol, the triskelion is all about motion. The triskelion is a Celtic symbol which dates back to Neolithic time and appears to have three legs that are in motion. This symbol represents movement and is believed to embody a tale of forward motion in order to reach life understanding.

    Ridgefield, Darien and Brookfield Running Companies believes that moving forward is paramount to a healthy self. Movement creates a healthy, happy being and clarity of perspective. These ideals come to life when you visit our store, meet our staff, join our training groups, or participate in our community events.

    We are passionate about movement.

    We move at different paces but we all move forward.

    At Ridgefield, Darien and Brookfield Running Companies, we move #forwardtogether.

    Come talk to us.

    AWARDED BEST RUNNING STORE IN AMERICA 2022! Top 4 in 2020 and Top 50 in 2019.

    Megan Searfoss

    Megan began running after she became a mother and is now the owner of Ridgefield, Darien, and Brookfield Running Companies, a run-specialty retailer, located in Ridgefield, Darien, and Brookfield, CT. Recognized as a Best Running Store in America for the past 6 years, in 2022 Ridgefield Running Company was named Store of the Year.

    A competitive athlete, Megan has competed at the Ironman World Championships and Boston Marathon, 9 Ironman distance events, over 20 marathons, and countless other races. Though her personal favorites are long-distance events, it is introducing a non-exerciser to training and competing in a 5K that is most rewarding for her. Time and time again, her encouragement to cross the finish line has changed the lives of many women who didn't believe they could.

    Megan is passionate about engaging women to make health and wellness a part of their lives through Run Like a Mother, a company she founded in 2008. The Run Like A Mother brand celebrates women at every stage of motherhood. Megan created the National Run Like a Mother 5K race event series, a women's only 5K occurring every Mother's Day.

    With over 20 years of experience in the healthy lifestyle industry, Megan has become recognized by media outlets as a trusted expert and adviser. She authored the book See Mom Run--Every Mother's Guide to Getting Fit and Running Her First 5K which was released in December 2014 and was listed as a Top Running Read by Competitor Magazine.

    She's a wife and mother of three children who, along with her husband, all have Crohn's disease. Since 2003, Megan has been a strong advocate and fundraiser for research on the disease, and she frequently offers support and guidance for parents with children who are diagnosed with Crohn's.


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