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    Ridgefield Running Company is looking for excited, outgoing people with a passion for running and fitness. While our staffing needs vary, we regularly review applications. Currently RRC is looking for team members that can work 24-30 hours per week, with Thursday through Sunday availability. Potential candidates MUST be able to commit to 5 weekend days per month at a minimum.

    RRC appreciates the interest from local students while home over the summer, unfortunately, our training process is lengthy and we are not able to make seasonal hires. If you are a student at a local college or university and interested in a job, please do feel free to reach out.

    Are you Ridgefield Running Company?

    We hire people who are passionate about running/walking, serving people and making their day better--while providing superior products and customer care. Are you ready to work with one of the friendliest and most dedicated teams in retail history? Ridgefield Running Company is a pretty cool place to work for people who have a passion for running/walking/fitness, community involvement and talking to people. There are demands that come with working at RRC, like working weekends, events and evening hours. We tend to be selective because we want our team members to stay with us and be part of the RRC family.

    Ask Yourself These Questions

    Do you have sales confidence?

    Our clients want to learn from you, not just about the shoe, but what hydration system works and how to use a GPS watch. They appreciate learning about our products. . . what will make them faster, keep them running strong and injury free to how to eat while moving. You should be comfortable, confident and excited about suggesting gear that keeps our clients on the road.

    Are you willing to keep the store in tip-top shape?

    When it’s slow, there is plenty to do to keep RRC looking good and ready to run. Our first focus is the customer, so many times stocking and cleaning have to wait…trust us, it’s always there!

    Can you work with all walks of life, especially when they come in ALL AT ONCE?

    There will be times that you will be fitting two people with several people waiting. ALL of our clients deserve the same attention; from the pro-runner to the fitness enthusiast or the non-athlete that needs a shoe to fit an orthotic. Everyone expects the same level of attention and care and for you to be encouraging. RRC can be very busy, therefore at times stressful, but with the right attitude, no one should notice.

    Are you a team player?

    Ridgefield Running Company is like a family and we work in a tiny space that can be stressful when it is busy. Your teammates depend on you to be on time when your shift starts. All team members are expected to pull their own weight when it comes to working with customers and completing other tasks to make sure the store looks it’s best at all times.

    Are you willing to keep up to date on all products?

    RRC has new products coming in daily. It is critical that you take the time and interest to learn as much about our products so that educating our client is seamless.

    Do you pay attention to the little things?

    Retaining a client is number one for RRC.This means making your client feel special from the moment that they walk in the door to the time that you see them at a race. Once a client walks in the door, we want them to know that we are here to support their run.

    Are you a patient and a conversational person?

    RRC takes a very interactive approach. A team member must have a positive, friendly attitude no matter who walks in the door. The ability to take the time necessary for our clients is critical. If you have a hard time talking to strangers, our guess is that it will more difficult touching their feet and this may not be the job for you.

    Are you available on weekends?

    In the running business, weekends are critical. We understand if you have races, and with notice we can adjust. All employees are expected to work 4 weekend days a month.

    If you answered "yes" to these questions, please email us at info@ridgefieldrunning.com and include contact information, hours of availability per day, days available, previous work experience, and a brief description of why you picked us. If you have a resume, send that too. No prior experience is necessary, flexible availability is important.

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