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  • How to Heal Runner's Knee

    Runner's Knee Explained

    Runner's knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), is a common overuse injury characterized by pain around or behind the kneecap (patella). This condition occurs when the patella does not move smoothly within the groove of the femur (thigh bone) during knee bending, leading to irritation and pain.

    Runner's knee is often caused by repetitive stress on the knee joint, making it particularly prevalent among runners and other athletes who engage in activities that involve repeated knee bending.

    Factors that contribute to runner's knee include muscle imbalances, weakness or tightness in the surrounding muscles, improper footwear, poor running form, and sudden increases in training intensity or duration.



    Common Symptoms of Runner's Knee

  • Dull, aching pain around or behind the kneecap

  • Pain that worsens during activities involving knee bending, such as running, squatting, or climbing stairs

  • Pain that is often worse after prolonged sitting with the knees bent

  • Swelling or inflammation around the knee joint

  • Stiffness or reduced range of motion in the knee

  • Grinding or cracking sensation in the knee during movement

  • Tenderness when pressing on or around the kneecap

  • Weakness or instability in the affected knee

  • Common Causes Of Runner's Knee

  • Repetitive stress on the knee joint due to activities such as running, jumping, or cycling

  • Sudden increase in training intensity, duration, or frequency

  • Muscle imbalances or weakness, particularly in the quadriceps, hamstrings, or hip muscles

  • Tightness in the surrounding muscles, such as the iliotibial (IT) band or calf muscles

  • Poor running or walking biomechanics, such as overpronation or excessive hip internal rotation

  • Wearing improper or worn-out footwear

  • Running or exercising on uneven or hard surfaces

  • Previous knee injuries or surgeries
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    Work 1:1 With A Fit Specialist To Heal Your Runner's Knee

    You can visit Ridgefield and Darien Running Company to receive personalized assistance in finding footwear, insoles, and accessories to relieve your Runner's Knee.

    Through our 3D Fit Scan, we can correctly determine a shoe and an insole to help heal your Runner's Knee and get you back to moving forward.

    Our Fit Specialists can outfit you in a CEP Knee Brace or Knee Sleeve, KT Tape, supportive insoles, cushioned sneakers, and more.

    Products For Runner's Knee Relief

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